My name is Tyshana, your herbalist, yoni steam practitioner, and doula with the commitment to support you and your loved ones throughout the journey of a healthy, optimal existence.

So, who am 1?
I am a young, black woman with a deep-rooted passion for total wellness for my community and the generations to come. What is a better starting point than the woman: the portal through which life is introduced, the first god, the first Teacher that anyone knows? Being blessed to be a woman comes with a load of responsibility. As Elijah Muhammad teaches, "Seventy-five percent of the work is with the woman. He who teaches a man, teaches an individual; He who teaches a woman, teaches a Nation." As women, not only do we have to ensure the stability of our own aura, we also safeguard and set the standard for our families, men and children. The alignment of our mind, body, and soul is essential to the healthy deliverance of young gods.

What makes me qualified?
The short answer: love. Love is the fuel for my desire and willingness to catalyze this reform. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences, which I acquired from the University of Central Florida. My background has given me insight into the anatomical and molecular workings of the body, which helps me understand the physical impact of diet, lifestyle, and environment. In addition, I have a history of illness and personal experimentation that has drawn me to the realm of natural remedies and their potent impact. Healing comes from many sources: music, color, and medicine. My intent is to continue developing my knowledge in order to fuse all of these areas with the use of nature's resources, frequencies, and physical manipulation in an effort to promote chakra alignment and an optimal (God-willing) existence.